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How One MedSpa Grew Their Revenue by 2800% in 2020 During COVID

While most of the aesthetic industry was reeling from the impact of the COVID pandemic throughout 2020, one medical spa in South Florida scaled to unprecedented heights and increased their revenue by 2800% between January and December 2020.

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≈ $1.2 Million Growth 

Like many entrepreneurs, the OLAM team struggled to properly understand the raw data that their aesthetic practice management software provided them. Their practice seemed busy, but their revenue was not matching what they expected. They had invested in the latest machines and state-of-the-art equipment but were not yielding the expected return on investment.

Some of the specific challenges that the OLAM team encountered were issues that are very commonplace among plastic surgery and medical spa businesses, such as:

  • Reducing their patient no-show rates
  • Determining which services they should promote more aggressively
  • Calculating accurate financial forecasts
  • Improving staff sales performance at the Front Desk and Patient Coordinator positions